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In 1978, vonHeffelfinger began an eleven-year stint of strange and unorthodox piano lessons, with an emphasis on composition. As a result, he has written countless songs, some of which are too embarrassing to offer online.

What remains is this collection of twenty-four songs, most of which were produced with the modest Roland M-GS64 Sound Module and Cakewalk software. Recently, vonHeffelfinger has upgraded to the awesome Roland XP-80 and soon every song will be reproduced with this improved technology.

As the music might indicate, vonHeffelfinger is almost exclusively interested in instrumental music. His influences include: Koji Kondo, ORI, Thelonious Monk, Carl Stalling, Skratch Piklz, Charles Ives and many more. vonHeffelfinger hopes to combine these influences with his unique compositional style to score a variety of cartoons, video games, commercials and films.

Professionally, vonHeffelfinger has been commissioned to provide music for a few online projects. He wrote the score for Proxicom's recruitment cartoon CD as well as the music for the opening Flash movie at He is available for projects at reasonable rates and can be contacted via the email link provided above.

vonHeffelfinger assures these twenty-four songs are only the beginning and that many more, equally diverse and unordinary compositions are coming soon. Check back often.